ACC-R53C: Manage your Amazon AWS Route53 DNS Zones.

Last Updated:  Tuesday, 2014.08.05 - Current version:

New: ACC-R53C is now for free! Donations accepted.

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What is ACC-R53C?
How To Use
Quick Tips

What is ACC-R53C?

Are you new to Amazon Route 53 service?
Do you want to manage your Route 53 DNS zones with ease?
Were you depending on the free R53 Fox Firefox plugin, but need more?
Are you tired of translating IDN names because you cannot otherwise manage them?
If any of the above describes your needs, then ACC-R53C was made for you. Managing your Route53 DNS zones has never been easier!
ACC-R53C stands for AdminCraft.Com Route53 Client. ACC-R53C is FREEWARE


- Portable, no setup required.
- Runs only on Windows (xp or later), both 32/64 bit editions.
- Handles muliple Amazon AWS accounts on the same interface.
- Batch-change DNS records.
- MODIFY actions allowed.
- Full support for IDN names.
- Support for foreign Alias Targets. Your LB addresses are shared cross-account.
- Logging to both GUI and log file.
- Requires .net framework 3.5.

How To Use

What you need to do is:
- Collect all your Amazon AWS credentials: AccessKeyID and SecretAccessKey pairs.
- Create a text file and name it 'key.pairs'. No '.txt' file extension, case-sensitive.
- Write down all your key pairs in that file according to this format:
where pairName is a friendly name of your choice that must not contain a comma.
- Use a new line for each key pair you add.
- Place the 'key.pairs' file in the same folder as ACC-R53C.
- Start ACC-R53C and click "Load credentials...".
- That is all you need to get started!

Quick Tips

- Zone root (Apex) records are simply added using the @ (at) sign, just like a BIND zone file.
- To edit a multi-line record, use SHIFT+Enter. This is native to DataGridView.
- You can add DNS names without appending Zone Name; it will be appended for you
Examples (for zone = zone.tld):
Type 'sub1.sub2.sub3' to get ''
Type 'www' to get ''
and so forth...


You can get ACC-R53C for free here.


ACC-R53C is offered free of charge. Donations are accepted here.



- Fixed minor bug with record name auto-completion.
+ Relaxed and better TXT record value handling.
+ Added version checker. Upgrade is now mandatory.


+ Added IDN zone/records support.
+ Added LB cross- account sharing.